what mary chain song did gerard cover? 


 Why does Macmillan suck I didn't understand

just yknow, stealing a scheme to raise awareness and funds for ALS, for their own charity 



So did anyone hear about the officer who placed a woman under arrest for breastfeeding in NYC? She went to get on her bus, he pulled her back by the collar of her shirt, and as a result she dropped her 3 month old baby. He still placed her under arrest while her baby was lying on the concrete with a cracked skull. Her daughter died at the hospital while she was at the police station. He’s on PAID leave.

what the fuck did i just read




if you keep reblogging celebs dumping water all over themselves, even if you’re not, please watch this. please please please watch this.

every time i talk 2 people about baby names and i say lucifer is a beautiful name for a little boy they think im joking 


 Definitely not rude tbh, I don't think it's right if any charity to "get involved" because getting involved takes funds and awareness away from ALS gives other diseases/illnesses a higher level of importance. I agree with you 500%

exactly what i was thinking, thank you 


 delete your blog

i have reported your blog to tumblr services and the military are on their way 

stephen king is such a cute little man look at his knee socks 

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The song recounts a specific sexual assault (“One of the most shattering experiences of my life,” Grimes, who was born in Vancouver as Claire Boucher, told SPIN in 2012) by describing the psychic fallout: “And never walk about after dark/ It’s my point of view/ Because someone could break your neck/ Coming up behind you always coming and you’d never have a clue,” she lisps in her high, pinched voice. It’s a dazzling, paralyzing performance, in part because Boucher sounds almost playful, and in part because the skronking behind her—the song’s springy, propulsive synth line was one of 2012’s most unforgettable—indicates something other than victimization. “See you on a dark night,” Boucher repeats. […] But what “Oblivion” ultimately offers is victory. It’s the sound of one woman turning personal devastation into not just a career-making single, but a lasting anthem of transformation.

Grimes’ Oblivion is the best song of the decade - so far.


Gerard Way - No Shows MV


When I was just starting high school, a girl who rode my bus invited me to stay the night at her house and when I did she got really emotional and told me no girls ever stayed over because she was a lesbian and if you don’t think that’s the saddest thing ever you need to re-evaluate your life

i post about my brother’s new born babies and lose 2 followers are u kidding me 

my brother’s twins were delivered today through an emergency c-section but they’re perfectly fine and i get to stay off school tomorrow to see them in person i’ve only seen a few pictures but the girl looks just like karen and the boy literally looks like me when i was a baby it’s fuckin crazy im so happy 


the face he makes in the last moment of this gif
i think we all know what that face is


the face he makes in the last moment of this gif

i think we all know what that face is